Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reader Comments about This September Sun

‘This is a wonderful book. I really would love to meet Bryony. Her book is poetry. I read it on the plane, underground trains, buses. I finished it today on the bus when I was coming from Birmingham to Coventry and I said to myself, here is another Doris Lessing.’  Albert Nyathi


‘I grew up in Bulawayo at the same time as Ellie, but experienced the 1980s in a different way – from a black person’s point of view – but, while the book is fiction, the Zimbabwe described is not.’ Noma Gwere


It’s so beautifully written and I think Bryony grew up in Zimbabwe around the same time as me so there are so many little things she mentions that capture that era so perfectly. I couldn’t put it down and relished every single page.’ Monireh Jassat


‘The book brought back a lot of memories for me growing up in Bulawayo! No self-respecting Bulawayan should go through life without having read This September Sun!’ Veena Bhana

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