Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Time Coming a 'Best Book of 2009'

Long Time Coming: Short Writings from Zimbabwe has been chosen by New Internationalist as one of their two 'Best Books of 2009'. They commented that: 'Each piece here – and they are miniature marvels, with no story longer than eight pages – vividly illuminates an aspect of what it is actually like to live in a country that has been systematically looted and stripped of functioning organizations. From a Zimbabwean publishing house, this book’s very existence seems little short of a miracle. '

The second 'Best Book' chosen was also African, José Eduardo Agualusa's novel Rainy Season, set in Angola.

The list of best books, films, music can be found at http://www.newint.org/columns/media/2010/01/01/best-of-2009/

New Internationalist magazine has existed for over 30 years and currently is the largest progressive magazine in circulation in the United Kingdom. It also has editorial and sales offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA  It has recently won the UTNE Independent Media Award for "Best International Coverage" for the eighth time. 

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