Saturday, April 24, 2010

'amaBooks not at the London Book Fair

Jane Morris and Brian Jones of 'amaBooks failed to get to the London Book Fair, as, with so many others, their flights were cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud over the United Kingdom.
The book fair, which is attended by around 23,000 people in the book industry from across the world, was held from 19-21 April. 'amaBooks hoped that attending the fair would help to promote their books to a much wider readership and that they would become more aware of the many technological changes taking place in the publishing industry.
The focus of the London Book Fair 2010 was on South Africa, and many of the South African representatives also failed to make it to London in time.

An article on the failure of 'amaBooks to make it to London appears on Zimbo Jam:

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