Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'amaBooks at the Jozi Book Fair

'amaBooks will also have a stand at the Jozi Book Fair, which takes place at Museum Africa in Newtown on 7 to 9 August. If you are in or around Johannesburg, please come and have a look at the books we have in stock.

The overall purpose of the Jozi Book Fair is to promote of a culture of reading and writing, and to provide a public and visible platform where three key social partners can come together. These social partners are:

  • readers in the form of the general public and specific constituencies with this broad public,
  • writers and authors, in particular emerging new writers, and
  • publishers – in particular small and emerging publishers

The creation of a common meeting space for all the partners is seen as crucial in strengthening small publishers, creating a market for writers, and in creating an opportunity for readers to speak to authors and publishers about the kinds of stories they are interested in. The JBF project’s overall purpose is therefore to create an ongoing cycle in which each of the parties reinforce each other and create a strong reading and writing culture

Jozi Book Fair offers several platforms for writers, publishers, agents, translators and press to engage, debate, discuss and plan new projects.It offers small and progressive publishers a forum to showcase their publications and activities, network, as well as the opportunity to develop alternative approaches and strategies.

Information about Jozi Book Fair can be found at

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