Monday, January 10, 2011

Tribute to Julius Chingono from Tinashe Muchuri

Julius Chingono was one fine writer of humorous poems and stories. He cheered you even at the time when everyone felt the need to be sad and sorrowful. His eyes were so very observant; he could see big stories and poems in situations that most people would see as ordinary. He was one genius of a writer. His death is a loss to Zimbabwe literature and to world literature at large. His work spoke for people in difficult situations across the globe. I felt good to work with him in putting together his material for the collection Together, I learnt a lot.

Tinashe Muchuri is a poet, performer, actor, and writer currently living in Harare. Many of his poems have been published in online journals, such as the Munyori and Arts Initiates, and in print anthologies. Tinashe helped organise the material from Julius Chingono for publication in Together.

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