Friday, September 7, 2012

'amaBooks titles now available in South African copy shops

Several 'amaBooks publications can now be legally printed in copy shops across South Africa, through Paperight.

Paperight is a website that lets a copy shop, at present only in South Africa, print books for customers legally and quickly. 
Customers probably already ask the shop to photocopy books for them, but it’s illegal to copy without permission. Paperight gives the outlet a legal way to print books. Paperight have already got the publisher’s permission on your behalf.
The Paperight site is so fast and easy to use that it saves time and money, and is more cost-effective for customers than finding or copying traditional books.
Once the copy shop registers on the Paperight website (which is free and quick to do), it can choose from a whole library of books to print, as customers ask for them.
Publishers charge a small rights fee for each copy printed. When Paperight charges a rights fee, it is just added to the customer’s normal printing and binding charge. The overall cost to a customer is less than buying a traditional copy of a book, it is legal, and writers and publishers get their fair share.

For registered outlets near to you, if you are in South Africa, please look at the Paperight website

The available titles are:

Dancing with Life: Tales from the Township (Christopher Mlalazi)
Hatchings (John Eppel)
Intwasa Poetry
Long Time Coming: Short Writings from Zimbabwe
Short Writings from Bulawayo I, II and III
White Man Crawling (John Eppel)
Zimbabwe's Cultural Heritage (Pathisa Nyathi)

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