Friday, February 18, 2011

Liilian Dube wins Writing with Light poetry competition

Lillian Dube's poem Jazz has won the Writing with Light competition, the results of which were announced at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo on February 17.
The competition, which involved poets interpreting the photographs of Resta Nyamwanza, was praised by the judges, Brian Jones and Jane Morris of 'amaBooks. The work submitted was of a high standard, as were the photographs, and the impressive attendance demonstrated the interest in the arts in Bulawayo. Such competitions play an important role in encouraging creativity. There had been events in Bulawayo in the past that involved cooperation between literary and visual arts - the Poetic Brush and the launch of Short Writings from Bulawayo III, but these involved visual artists interpreting poetry or short stories.
In second place was Babusi Nyoni's poem Between A and B, and in third place Sammantha G Ndlovu's Women - Uhuru. All three were given money prizes as well as copies of 'amaBooks poetry collections Intwasa Poetry and Sonatas.
The event was supported by several organisations: Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo, Multi-Media Box, Sound Kalcha, HIVOS, Poetry Bulawayo, Coalition Against Censorship Zimbabwe, the National Gallery in Bulawayo, Lekker Juice and 'amaBooks.

Jazz by Lilian Dube

I met jazz in a dream

Down by the river

Leaning against an amarula tree

Playing the pennywhistle

To the sound of my heartbeat

& the smell of the last rains

She made love to my senses

Drowned my soul

I can’t breathe, can’t let go.

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