Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Together - to be published in the USA, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Together, the collection of short stories and poems by John Eppel and the late Julius Chingono will be available through UNO Press in the USA very soon, and now the University of KwaZulu-Natal Press has confirmed that they will also publish the book in South Africa.
'amaBooks are delighted that the work of these two Zimbabwean writers will be easily accessible to readers in South Africa and the USA, as well as in Zimbabwe.


  1. and West Africans are always left out... when would it reach us?

  2. Nana, we'd love 'Together' (as well as all our other titles) to be available in West Africa, as well as the rest of Africa. If we could find a West African publisher that wanted to co-publish..... We have real problems in Zimbabwe even getting books written by Zimbabweans and published outside the country. With the melt down here there are few bookshops. Guess e-books could be the answer, as well as POD. We can post books to anywhere in Africa but it is an expensive business.