Saturday, June 6, 2015

WIN-Zimbabwe on the launch of 'Textures'

 The Writers International Network of Zimbabwe newsletter, issue no 90 of 5 June 2015, covers the launch of John Eppel and Togara Muzanenhamo's poetry collaboration Textures.


The Harare launch of ‘Textures’ (2014, amaBooks) an anthology of poetry written by the duo John Eppel and Togara Muzanenhamo did have the classic feel of writerly openness coupled with rare and significant background detail which is never revealed in the written work. The launch of ‘Textures’ took place at the Book Café in Harare on Thursday May 21. 


(An excerpt from his interview with Beaven Tapureta (WIN) on the sidelines of the book launch)

“Young poets write in English because that’s how they feel they will get acknowledged or noticed but they do not have enough grasp of the language to use it in poetry. They can use it in prose but it’s different in poetry. Poetry is very subtle. There are some young poets who are starting to achieve profound poetry…. Problem with our children in this country is that they don’t read. You have to build up a basis, a tradition for yourself to be a writer. You have to read and know your poets…. If you want to write in English, read great poets who have written in that language. If you want to write in Shona, read great Shona poets…. Youngsters today are controlled by the digital world, television and internet – they hardly read. When you read something, it’s an effort, you take in material.” - John Eppel.

Photographs courtesy of WIN-Zimbabwe

Togara Muzanenhamo and John Eppel pose with their 'Textures' after the launch

Eppel autographs a copy of 'Textures' for a reader

Togara happily signs autographs

The silence of 'Textures' speaks between thoughtful Togara Muzanenhamo and David Mungoshi 

A meeting with Jane Morris (centre) of amaBooks, publishers of 'Textures', is always lively and inspirational. Here she is enjoying the launch with established writers David Mungoshi (on her right) and Memory Chirere (on her left)

Ignatius T Mabasa probes the poets
ZIBF Events Coordinator Mrs. Shato also came to listen to the poetry and discussion

Rumbi Katedza, distinguished film maker, chats with David Mungoshi

British Council (Zimbabwe) Director Samantha Harvey delivers her speech

From left: Jackie Cahi, Brian Jones and Jane Morris participate in a dramatic poem led by poet Togara Muzanenhamo (not in the picture)
Writer and publisher Ignatius Mabasa (right) in conversation with Togara

John Eppel (right) answers a question asked by Mabasa

Eppel reading his poem from 'Textures'

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